This is a great place to have work done on your radiator or AC! Amazing family owned business!

Mario C.

I just had a pleasure to take my 1978 280Z to H&S Radiator to figure out my AC problem. The guys did not hestitate to jump on it and help me out, evne though I showed up without any appointment. Their experiance with old R12 AC systems proved to be critical. They fixed my system, recharged it and I was on my way out with as cold AC as I have ever felt in my Z. Price was very reasonable. Don't let the looks of their shop scare you. It's nothing fancy, but I suppose that way they don't have to pass the cost of a shiny work shop on to their customers.

Peter R.

Wow! What a great experience. Dealership wanted to charge me 800$ to replace a perfectly good radiator. I decided to get a second opinion (not easy as I had to have my car towed to h and s). Glad I did as it was only a blown hose. After a detailed inspection they also repaired another small leak; all of this for under 100. Honesty is a rare thing these days especially in the car business and if you have doubts about a quote or estimate have Ken and his family take a look. I have a feeling you won't be dissappinted. Thanks again.